Why I became a Certified Aromatherapist

I was diagnosed with IBS and severe acid reflux in March 2012 (you can read my full story here). My Dr. tried several different medications but nothing worked. I found relief for most of my symptoms from natural remedies using herbal supplements, teas, probiotics, and Alkaline water.  Let’s jump forward 2 years and in 2014 they thought I was having heart failure, or something like that! Let me tell you, at 34, you do not want to hear that. Thank you God everything was great, except for my stress levels. Yup, it was stress, and it hit me hard! At this time I started learning about essential oils and the benefits for stress reduction. I was amazed at how well they worked. I took 2 months off from work and I was a different person without all of that stress. It was a huge eye opener for me to physically feel the difference on what the stress was doing to me. My IBS was also under control without all of the stress. I went back to work but after that first semester I realized that something had to change. All my stress and IBS hit me hard again! What should I do? Give up the job I loved but was killing me, or do something else that will also make me happy and get my life back? The decision to leave my job was one of the hardest and toughest decisions that I have ever had to make! The decision on what to do next was easier because I was already learning all I could about using essential oils. I also had some people coming to me to help them. So, I decided to start a new adventure in aromatherapy. Aromahead Institute was the place to get me where I am today. I loved the idea of becoming a Certified Aromatherapist so I can help teach more people how to safely use essential oils.

Let The Adventure Begin!