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Essential Oil Safety

  • For external use only 

  • Keep out of reach of children

  •  Always dilute essential oils before applying to the skin 

  • Keep away from mucous membranes 

  • If the oil is past it’s “use by” date or stored improperly, it may cause irritation and lose therapeutic value

  • Phototoxic Oils - Avoid sunlight or UV rays for 12-18 hours if applying topically.

  • For educational purposes only

  • Information has not been evaluated by the FDA

  • The information on EssentialsbyDK.com is not provided as medical/dietary advice, diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • Always consult with your physician/Dr before trying anything new!

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About Pompeii Organics:

Our certified aromatherapists source and analyze our essential oils with meticulous standards. Not only are most of our oils USDA certified organic, all have been 3rd party tested for their chemistry. We only bottle oils that have therapeutic chemistry, vibrant fresh aroma, and oils that are distilled or pressed from organically cultivated plants.